tirsdag 10. juni 2008

The scrapper has landed!

This weekend was awesome..I had such a great time with my friends Ingeborg and Lise!!
And I met Helle and Marianne. Two wonderful girls.(isn't all scrappers nice?? )

We had an early rise at 4.50 friday morning. But from 3pm on friday until 4.30 pm on sunday we where on a roll. One class after another.. Oh, I had such big hope before I left, that I would finish all my projects at the crop. *haha* I won't do that mistake again.

..yes, there where things that went wrong by the organizers, but can you really blame them? I mean; nearly 500 people on the most *shock*, something is bound to go wrong.
But they handled it the best they could. No hard feelings on my behalf.

I must say I'm eager to lay my hands on the projects I've started (most of them anyway), so hopefully I'll have a chance this weekend.

Oh... had to by another pair of crocks.. orange of course. So now I'll soon have a rainbow of crocks *lol*

torsdag 5. juni 2008

SAG - here I come!!!

Oh, my I'm soo excited!!! My trip to Netherland and SAG is just hours away. I feel like a little kid all over again! It's like christmas and birthday all at once. Speaking of birthday; my youngest turned 5 on Monday, and she got this cute Dalmatian costume. She loves dogs!

OK *off to pack and get organized*^

søndag 1. juni 2008

Made 5 LO's and got tagged!

I was at a crop on Friday at Papertrends, and took a class hosted by Xtine/Christine. We got lovely kits, and I had a really good time! I need to thank Christine for all the things I borrowed from her, and Tove. Thanks! They are such sweet girls! I haven't scrapped for ages, except the one 6x12, so I was pleased when I came home with these 5 layouts:

The first three was made in class.


My nice neighbor tagged me. Thank you Lene! And the thing is: find the nearest book, look up at page 123, find the 5th sentence and publish the next 3 sentences. Tagg 5 persons, and write who tagged you.
My first thought was to find a book that has more than 8 pages *lol*
I wanted to find the last one I read; Helene Uri "De beste blant oss", but I had returned it to the owner, so I found "The Da Vinci- code", and it says:

"Han snudde seg og stirret opp dit i flere sekunder. Ingenting. Jeg er alene."

Now I'm tagging: HegeHB, Aase, Marianne Hope, Helle and Xtine