tirsdag 30. september 2008

I looove thickers - yes I do!!

No doubt in my mind! I really love thickers, and I have a lot of them, but I still don't have enough *lol*
So when Scrappehuset put up a challenge using AC thickers, it was no problem making a LO or two. Made this some time ago, but with so much going on, I almost forgot to post it. As you probably will notice, the layout with my "dog", is from the blue kit that Lene made for me. The one I've made for Scrappehuset I'll post later.

And oh.. oh.. Have to tell you that my layout "Lazy days of summer" was used in the newsletter from ScrapInStyle. It was picked as the Layout of the Week *juhu*. I'm so proud!
This is what they wrote:

Layout Of The Week
Inspiring Art by our SIStv SISters

Every week in the SIStv Gallery there are thousands of beautiful pieces of artwork created by our SISters. This week, this layout entitled "Lazy Days Of Summer" by miamum was our top choice! We love the layers, the mixtures of trims and vintage elements, as well as the photo! We also like the orientation of the page as an 11x8.5. Thanks for sharing.

søndag 28. september 2008

Vintage Kit

Made this a week ago for the challenge at Scrappehuset. Cathrine Angelica Hunstad has given the challenge to scrap a vintage LO with flowers. I used the kit challenge Lene gave me, and I'm very pleased with this layout.
The title is from Kid Rock's hit All Summer Long.

mandag 22. september 2008

Challenge #3 and#4

Ok, so I 'didn't make it quite to the top with these two, but that doesn't mean I'm not pleased with the result, cause I'm!

Challenge #4 made it almost to the final, missed it with 3 votes.
We where to use at much stash as possible.

I love this picture of Ivar digging for potatoes. It was taken when we visited an open day at a farm nearby.

He digged digging! :lol: But he didn't want to take the potatoes out of the dirt, then he would have to get his hands dirty, so he left that job to his little sister. And she loved it! *faint*

Made it for challenge #3, we should use three different teqniques. Iused sewing, disstressing and tearing


fredag 19. september 2008

What I made of the "blue" kit

Last weekend I made two layouts out of the blue kit that Lene made for me. I thought it wout be easy, but when I sat there, I really wanted to use just a "little bit" more *lo*. Managed to make this 6x12.

I made one 12x12 also, but the picture of it turned out aweful, so I'll post it later.
My computer is out of work..grr
My brother is fixing it for me, but in the meantime I feel like I've lost an arm or something *urk*

tirsdag 16. september 2008

Challenge #2 in {Scrappestafetten}

My take on the second challenge in Scrappestafetten turned out like this

torsdag 11. september 2008

I'm the proud winner


I'm so happy and proud that I made it to the final in the first round of Scrappestafetten, and not only that, but I WON!! *toot*

Each team had one shape each, and my shape was hearts. The other shapes in the final were triangels, squares, stars and circles.

Here are my winning LO

tirsdag 9. september 2008

Embellishment pins

Finally it's my turn to get my eyes opened for these awesome needle pins.
If you like vintage style, these really makes the touch! I've seen a lot of these pins lately, but most of them are made out of plastic pearls, not glass like mine.

If you're interested in any, I have some for sale. And also in different colors.
Just speak up!

About the kits... I'm longing to scrap with the stuff, it's just that my desk is really bombed, and I have to get organized before I can start some scrapping. I'm going to put a lot, and I mean A LOT up for sale at Scrapping.no, once I've taken pics of everything. Hopefully today.

lørdag 6. september 2008

Home made kits!

Ok, since I'm not a member of any kit club, my dear neighbor Lene made me a challenge, and put together two kits form my own stuff.
I'm not allowed to use anything else, just stuff from the kit. And use as much as possible!
She has given me two weeks. She extended the time, since I have to scrap 2 LO's to the {Scrappestafetten} the next week. I'm really looking forward to this challenge :D

torsdag 4. september 2008

Here are some more of my production from last weekend.
(I made the card just to get an extra lottery ticket :P)
Last night I scrapped. Can't think of the last time I scrapped during the week. But since I'm in the {Scrappestafetten}, I just have to deliver *lol*. I'm very pleased (again) with the result. Hope others will like it too! I'll post it here as soon as the voting is done.

onsdag 3. september 2008

Scrap and the City

So, I've done it again! I'm in a teamchallenge called {scrappestafetten} over at Scrapping.no

We are 5 on each team, and it's as many as 22 teams!!

We all have funny names like Happyscrappers, Flowerpower or Quick Girls. And we are Scrap in the City *:D*

I have faboulus team members; they are Xtine, kkk, Tropico and Mulan. And of course we are going for the big win!! *hehe*

The first challenge is out, and we have to use 5 shapes (harts, stars,triangel, square and circles), one each. It's really fun and exciting! And you get to know the people behind the nicks.

Here's one more LO from my crop last weekend. The pic is from my trip & crop to Scrap- a- ganza in Netherland. Thank you Ingeborg for the picture!

tirsdag 2. september 2008

Blog Candy at {Scrappehuset}

Check out {Scrappehuset}
You now have the opportunity to win a set of clearstamps. They are celebrating that they made over 10 000 hit on their blog. It's no wonder... their blog is fantastic! So check it out, it's worth it!

mandag 1. september 2008

Croppin' 24-7

This has been one of THE weekends! I have been to at crop on Friday and one on Saturday.
It's been a hoot!
Can you imagine scrapping for a total of 26 hours?
I LOOOOVE this hobby! At the crop on Saturday we were 130 ladies!
I made 7 layouts, one card (thanks Bente for your help) and one bookmark. Not very productive, but I'm very pleased with all of my LO's. And it's been so fun meeting so many fellow scrappers and just babble and laugh!
Thank you Lene for being such good company! *hug*
More layouts will follow the next couple of days ;-)