torsdag 21. mai 2009

Vinner trukket

Litt sent kommer denne. (ikke noe nytt det akkurat*kremt*)

Det var ikke den største responsen på RAK'en, men nå ble vel fristen litt kort. (må huske det til en annen gang). Det kom inn 2 bidrag (vel, det kom et til, men det var litt sent. Beklager Ingeborg). Anne har vært min assistent og trukket.....


Gratulerer SOLBLOMST

Send meg adressen din, så kommer pakken i posten om noen dager.

Her er noen glimt fra vår 17.mai feiring

søndag 17. mai 2009

Gratulerer med dagen!!

*Hipp hipp hurra* for Norway and Alexander Rybak who won the ESC! Soo much fun that we won. We probably all beleived that we should win, but that we won so superior, I don't thing anyone could have imagined. Congratulations!

Here is my take on this weeks sketch at Skissedilla. You have until next Sunday to do your layout.

I wish you all a nice of May.

lørdag 9. mai 2009

Celebration RAK

This is what I want to give to one of you!
Hope as many as possible will do my challenge *smile*

Celebration giveaway!

Even if I don't want to admit it, I'm one year older today. (those of you who know my age: shut up!)
If you want to celebrate with me and have the opportunity to win a RAK, all you have to do is lifting one of my LO's or just get inspired by some of my works. Leave a comment here, and I'll draw a winner on Monday 18.mai. I'll post a picture of the giveaway later today.

torsdag 7. mai 2009

I'm a finalist!

Oh, I didn't realize that it has been so long since I've last updated my blog *ashamed*
I can't guarantee it won't happen again, but I'll try to post more often.
I must get over the fact that I do not need to post something meaningful each time, but that it actually is enough that I post my layouts. It is what I want with the blog, to show my creations *smile*

Some good news: I made it to the final in the Grand Prix challenge at Scrapbookexpress *toot*. I'm now one of eight finalists. The last challenge is out, and who would believe that we have to make a mini album of ourselves? Not me, for sure! *faint*
(Yelling at ToneF & Renee for making such a stupid challenge)
Here are the last LO's I made for the GP: