fredag 17. oktober 2008

Home, but not quite landed

I had such a great time in Paris, much fun and a lot of images to digest, so I'll just show you some pics for now.

The Norwegian girls
My room mate Aase
The teachers
View from the palace in Versailles

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Paris here I come!!

Ok, so I'm late.. I know! And we're not just talking a little late, but seriously late. I'm always like that when I'm going places. I would like to have some more time, but I still find my self packing minuets before take off *faint*.
Like now.. I'm on my way to Paris and the Paper&Co Show *excited!!*, but do you think I'm ready.. of course not. Just finished the stuff I have to bing to classes. Have to pack my clothes, but I had to post this LO for the challenge at Scrappemania {One Little Word}; Because.

So have to rush! Have an hour and 20 minutes, before I'm off to pick up Aase.
Take care... I'll be back *smile*