fredag 30. mai 2008


I'm not usually mad, really, really mad and angry... but this f* uploading thing is driving me crazy, and is keeping me up late, really late, night after night. I don't have any uploading energy left... But I'm trying one last time.. so therefore I'm still sitting here at half past one in the morning.

But oh, I got this lovely card from Linda. Her creativity is blooming. If you haven't seen her work, you should really head over to her blog. She gets you inspired!
Thank you for the lovely card for my birthday, Linda!

Some more good news: Tomorrow (actually today) I'm going to Papertrends and doing a class hosted by Xtine. I'm soo excited!

*loading 95%*---------------> this looks good, crossing my fingers!

torsdag 29. mai 2008

Loading...please wait!

Don't you just really hate that! Trying to upload pictures to one of these on line photo shops, but it takes forever... I've been trying for a couple of days now. Started with all the pictures from our holiday to Mallorca, but of course that didn't work*grr* So now I'm tying with less photos (about 70), and the estimated time said 5min, and that was 40min ago! *faint*
Oh, it makes me so angry. And I know that when it's finished, I still have plenty to upload.
Ok, I could have taken it to a shop, and I did try, but it would take 10days, which I don't have.
I need them before next Friday since I'm going to Scrap-a-Ganza. Jippiyeay!!
Typically me to wait until last minute.
So while I'm waiting, here are some pics from our holiday

My first picture is still loading...
Can you believe that?? And it has been more than an hour since I started!
Oh.. can't tell you how mad I'm right now *grr*

*logging off*

søndag 25. mai 2008

I've been wanting to scrap for days, but as I said earlier, I needed to make some room before I could start... oh, well, that didn't happen.
I was watching European Song contest last night (Norway came 5th, Yeah!) and it didn't end until midnight. But I really, really needed to scrap, so about half past twelve I sat down and made this 6x12 for a contest at Minneriket. And I used only 40min. Unbelivable!!
Those of you who know me, know how much I love contests. Feels like I can't scrap without them :lol:

Oh, and I got an award from Linda Salte. I'm so new to this blogging, so it felt like an honour to get this award. Thank you so much for those kind words, Linda! *hug*

tirsdag 20. mai 2008

Have you ever got that feeling

...that you really want to scrap, but your place looks like hell?
I'm that kind of person that can't start on a project before I have enough space around me to make a new mess. *lol*
Right now it's like that. But I haven't got the energy to start cleaning it up. So instead I'm surfing around and look at all the fun challenges I wood like to do, but soon realize I wont make it in time. So still haven't got anything new to show you.

In the meantime you'll have to do with this one, taken last easter in Ålesund. A city that I've visited for the first time, even though I've lived not far away for three years. Lovely city!

mandag 19. mai 2008

About time

I've been thinking about this for quite a time now, but it has been so busy lately since I've changed work.
I haven't scrapped for over 3 weeks. That must be a record. One I'm not proud of.

My next project will be the swapp for Scrap-a-ganza. I 'm just so excited about that trip, and all the classes I'm taking, and all the teachers I'm going to meet. Yeay!! It will be like christmas. *lol*

Here are some of my latest work