onsdag 25. februar 2009

{Et lite ord #2} Heart

A new word at Scrappemania is up.
The word for February is heart. If you want to participate in this challenge you can be the lucky winner of a papertagger. We hope to see many different solutions.
See how the other girls in the design team interpreted the word heart.

The deadline is March 15th.


Want to get your hands on the latest and very last magazine of Vi Scrapper?
All you need to do is head over at Scrappemania and tell us what you will miss most about this wonderful magazine.

Post your response by March 1st, and you are in the draw!

tirsdag 24. februar 2009

Minneriket {M game}

The M game at Minneriket is back again as many of you know.
The M Game is a competition that runs from January 1st to November 30th 2009, with finals in December/January 2010. Each month there is given 7 different challenges. It is up to you how many of these you want to make. You'll be given 1 point for each entry, and 1 point extra if you win.
Of course I sat my mind to get all 7 done each month, but that didn't last long *lol*. I made two in January, but I only manage to upload one.
This is the one I didn't upload. Made it after a sketch made by Kathrine.


søndag 22. februar 2009

{Scrappekurs} - Givaway

Oh, I've discovered a new blog! *YEY*
It's called {Scrappekurs}, and here you can join online classes, get new inspiration and learn different techniques. It sounds fun to me :-) And don't forget these talented girls.

I've never tried online classes before, but it sure seems to be a smart way to take a class since you can join in when it suits you. I'm quite sure I'm going to try a class, just have to decide witch one to take.
If you hurry, you can win this giveaway. Just pop in there and check out their giveaway.

lørdag 7. februar 2009

Blogcandy at Scrappehuset

If you head over to Scrappehuset, you have the chance to win a great RAK sponsored by Papirloftet. Scrappehuset is celebrating that they've passed 50 000 visitors since they started up in August last year.*YEY*