onsdag 30. juli 2008


Today my sister in law called and wondered if Mette would like to join her cousin at a camp at Tromøya. And of course she jumped in excitement!

So now we have only the youngest at home until Sunday. What a luxury!! Only one child for 4 days *juhu*

So tomorrow I'm going to scrap. Just have to look around to see if I can find some challenges. So if you have come across any, please let me know ,-)

Here are some pics from last week..... we borrowed my brother-in-law's cabin at Storsand, Hurum, and had some friends staying from Steinkjer. The weather was great!
On Friday we went to Villa Malla; a restaurant with the most delicious food I've tasted in a long time. I do recomend a visit!
We also visited Tusenfryd and Sommerland in Bø.

mandag 28. juli 2008

Challenge at Scrappemania

Made this layout for the {Maniasummer} over at ScrappeMania before I went on holiday last week. They challenged us to use at lot of flowers, and one should be handmade (the one down in the right corner), and at least one should be layered. The picture is taken in Palma, Mallorca at the Pl. Espanya.

fredag 18. juli 2008

Ania says...

That woman says a lot of things; she knows how to express herself! I find it both funny and inspirational to read her blog.
But this time she has a challenge over at Minneriket called "Ania says...."
And this is what she said: Use 2 patterned paper, 1 carton, 2 stickers/stamps, 3D foam, 3 buttons or flowers and 4 ribbons.
I choose 1 sticker (eg. "glansbilde") and 1 stamp. Used patterned paper from LovElsie and KI memories.

onsdag 16. juli 2008

Cardmaking *toot-toot*

Started on my vacation on Monday, with the intention that I would sit up late every evening and scrap... that hasn't happend (well, I have been up late), and I must admit I haven't been blogging as much as I hoped, but I have some (good?) excuses;
my mother has been here for two and a half week. She's been so nice helping out with the children, the dishes and the laundry!! I love her for that, since I pretty much hate doing the laundry. Thank you Mum!
My youngest learned to ride the bike (she just turned 5) (oh.. that would be an excuse to blog, not not too *lol*)I've been to Bruce Springsteen concert at Valle Hovin last Tuesday, and it was awesome. That man know how rock!!

Yesterday my oldest turned 11 *hip hurray*
( she often behaves like a thirtheenyearold) ,
and I have given six of my chairs a "make over"! As you can see, it was necessary!!


and after:For those of you who knows me, knows that I'm a lousy card maker. But last week Linda was in Drammen, and she makes lovely cards, so I wanted her to teach me. I brought my sewing machine, and she had the rest. I managed to make three cards, and I think they turned out ok. Don't think I ever reach to Linda's level... but I had fun making them, and who knows, maybe I'll make some more...

søndag 6. juli 2008


In the summertime when the weather is high...
Who isn't happy when the weather is nice? And the music in the summer always bring back memories from happy days; thinking of past holidays and summer love *sigh*.

But today it has been raining, and I got time to make a layout for the challenge at ScrappeMania; make a layout where you use the title from the Top20 music play list from VG.
I just had to use Jason Mraz's title, I'm Yours. I LOVE that song!! And it keeps spinning around in my head constantly.
This is how it turned out, size 6x12: AND not only that, but I also made two lettersize LO's at a friends crop the other night. I made them for the summerschool over at Minneriket. They're giving different challenges throughout the summer. The ones I've made is for "Use at least 5 pictures" and "Distressing". Quite simple, but I just had to make something, just to get the scrappin' feeling again... it's been quite some time now. (blaming my full time job...)