torsdag 9. april 2009


It's finally easter, and we are visiting my mother outside Molde. We are having a nice time, and the weather is much better than last year when it was aweful. I haven't done any scrapping since we came, but I'm going on a crop tomorrow. *Yeay*
I've never been to a crop on these parts before, so I'm really looking forward to that. The only one I know who's coming is Salte, and it's always nice to see her again :-)
Yesterday when we were in town, I came across this wall, and had to take some pics off course;
Ivar having trouble standing still, and always has to make funny faces
Mette posing. Pretending to be a diva.
And Anne copying her big sister, not really knowing what she's doing *hihi'
I was going to show you some of my latest layouts, but they are on my other computer back home. So I'll post them when I return.
Wish you all a nice easter and happy egghunting!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Så kule bilder Marianne.
    Kos deg masse videre i Molde :)

    God påske.

  2. Så du fant veggen!
    Skikkelig kult!
    Fortsatt god påske til dere!
    God klem!

  3. Så fine bilder du har tatt. Den veggen var tøff.

    Vannkoppene er nå bare skorper så her går det fremover. Kos deg masse i Moldne sammen med familien.

  4. yey kule bilder!! ha en superbra påske i Molde, gleder meg til å se LO'ene dine.

    kos dere masse, og god påske til deg:):)

  5. Så herlige bilder. Ivar minner om Joakim som heller aldri står stille og skal gjøre seg til hver gang man skal ta bilder:) Fortsatt god påske!!