lørdag 3. januar 2009


A fresh new year, only 3 days old. And I'm already excited for this new year.
I have made myself a promise to loose some weight, and if i can help it, a little bit more than just a little weight *sigh*
I'm not excited about that, but everything else. Scrapwise I think this is going to be a good year!
I have cleaned up my place and organized a lot of my stash, only a few minor things left, and I've so far scrapped 8 layouts the last week. . I was supposed to be at a crop in Skien this weekend, but my neighbor couldn't make it, and DH had to work overtime :-( . But luckily I'm going next weekend to my first crop of 2009. It's taking place in Sandefjord.

Made this LO for the Ad this challenge blog. I've used brown wrapping paper, a tag from Maya Road, and used my sewing machine around the edges.

I'll try to update my blog at least to times a week. Earlier I thought that I had to show you a layout every time I updated, but now I know better *lol* But hopefully I'll be scrapping a lot more than I did last year ;-)

Looking forward to showing you the rest of my LO's as soon as their clear to show *lol*

5 kommentarer:

  1. Halloisen og riktig godt nytt åt til deg og dine kjære Mi@!!

    Treff neste helg?? Noe for meg , eller fullt tro??

    rålekker LO her, får vi se resten eller???

  2. Hi, Marianne! Oh man, I just love your style girl! You're amazing!

    Have you tried out or are part of a design team? I know Gauche Alchemy is looking for a guest designer and you'd be perfect for them. Check them out here: http://gauchealchemy.wordpress.com/.

    Happy New Year to you and your family! =)


  3. Heisann! Et riktig godt nyttår til deg også. Layouten din er kjempefin!!! Lykke til med slankingen (jeg må på'n jeg også dessverre)

  4. Så flott LO med utrolig mange fine detaljer og nydelig farger :-)