søndag 10. august 2008


I wanted to publish this layout three days ago, but I've had problems getting in to all websites hosted by blogspot.com.
First I thought it was the host having the problem, but I soon realized it was my computer that had a problem. I was afraid I had got virus, but after using a Spybot program, it managed to fix the problem. *puh*
So most likely I had got spyware. Due to this problem I haven't been able to check around other blogs, so if you missed me, you know why *lol*

Well, anyway. Here's the LO I made for Minneriket . One of the challenges at the Summer school was to use at least 3 different fonts. I've managed to use 5.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Bra du har fått rensket opp på maskinen!

  2. denne va flott. herlig bruk av mange forskjellige bokstaver :)
    fin fargebruk :)

    kipt m data problemer da... godt du fikk rensket maskinen igjen!