onsdag 16. juli 2008

Cardmaking *toot-toot*

Started on my vacation on Monday, with the intention that I would sit up late every evening and scrap... that hasn't happend (well, I have been up late), and I must admit I haven't been blogging as much as I hoped, but I have some (good?) excuses;
my mother has been here for two and a half week. She's been so nice helping out with the children, the dishes and the laundry!! I love her for that, since I pretty much hate doing the laundry. Thank you Mum!
My youngest learned to ride the bike (she just turned 5) (oh.. that would be an excuse to blog, not not too *lol*)I've been to Bruce Springsteen concert at Valle Hovin last Tuesday, and it was awesome. That man know how rock!!

Yesterday my oldest turned 11 *hip hurray*
( she often behaves like a thirtheenyearold) ,
and I have given six of my chairs a "make over"! As you can see, it was necessary!!


and after:For those of you who knows me, knows that I'm a lousy card maker. But last week Linda was in Drammen, and she makes lovely cards, so I wanted her to teach me. I brought my sewing machine, and she had the rest. I managed to make three cards, and I think they turned out ok. Don't think I ever reach to Linda's level... but I had fun making them, and who knows, maybe I'll make some more...

3 kommentarer:

  1. Juuuhuu - digger det øverste kortet. Takk for flotte ord!

  2. Flotte kort! Takk for hyggelig kommentar på bildene mine. Jeg er utrolig fornøyd med den nye linsen. Jeg har svart på spørsmålet ditt i kommentarsektoren hvor du stilte spørsmålet (under bildene), slik at evt. andre interesserte kan lese svaret også.

    God sommer til deg også!


  3. Så moro at du er med på kortlaging!
    Gleder meg til å se mere, for dette ble kjempebra!