fredag 30. mai 2008


I'm not usually mad, really, really mad and angry... but this f* uploading thing is driving me crazy, and is keeping me up late, really late, night after night. I don't have any uploading energy left... But I'm trying one last time.. so therefore I'm still sitting here at half past one in the morning.

But oh, I got this lovely card from Linda. Her creativity is blooming. If you haven't seen her work, you should really head over to her blog. She gets you inspired!
Thank you for the lovely card for my birthday, Linda!

Some more good news: Tomorrow (actually today) I'm going to Papertrends and doing a class hosted by Xtine. I'm soo excited!

*loading 95%*---------------> this looks good, crossing my fingers!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yey, gleder meg kjempemasse til i kveld :D Klokken er 06.34 og jeg skal snart gå og ta flyet :D

  2. Tuusen takk for flotte ord Marianne :)

  3. jeg har tagga deg!!!
    stikk innom hos nabon!!!